Welcome to Sonorouspost.

We are a sound post production company, based in Soho and Buckinghamshire.  Our body of work ranges from feature films to TV drama’s.

Our main re-recording mixer is Bafta winning Howard Bargroff.  Howard has been in the industry for 25 years.  Starting in the music industry, Howard has worked with a myriad of artists including Michael Jackson, Take That and Kylie.  Howard moved on to work for Dolby in 1998, which gave him his technical base for film sound.  Moving on to his Film and TV career in 1999, starting as an assistant re-recording mixer, Howard quickly moved on to a Main Mixer position, working on films such as “Alien vs Predator”, “Sleuth” and “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”.  In 2009 Howard expanded his repertoire and started working on TV dramas which include, “Law and Order”, “Luther”, “Broadchurch” and “Sherlock”.

Sonorous is a boutique sound post production company, with a passion for the art of sound not just the technical ability to create it.  We believe everything you hear creates the image you see and we go to great lengths to execute this.  Every move made, every breath taken, every emotion felt we will capture and enhance the visual world that we are presented with and surround it with sound.